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FedEx Golf Championship Season Ending Contest.

Entry Fee: Free.  All entrants into 1 or more of the seasons golf majors pools are automatically entered.
Overview: Below are everybody's picks from the four golf majors pools. The prize money goes to those people who picked the PGA Player that wins the FedEx Cup. If multiple people have the same player, the prize money is split between those participants. Entrants who have the same player multiple times will win corresponding shares of the players winnings. For example, if you picked the winner twice, and one other player picks that player once, you would win 67% of the pot instead of splitting the winnings.

To View to current standings and and over view of how the FedEx playoffs work, Click Here
The Payout: The payout will be 14 VFS credits. This will be a points based pool as follows:
  • Everybody who has a pick for the Northern Trust tournament winner (the first playoff round on August 8th) will win 10 points.
  • Everybody who has a pick for the BMW Championship (the second playoff round on August 15th) will win 20 points.
  • Everybody who has the pick for the Tour Championship (August 22nd) FedEx cup winner will receive 50 points.
The person with the most points wins $7. Second place wins $4.67. Third place wins $2.33.
Congratulations Jamie, Janine, Joleene, Susie

All picked FedEx Cup winner Rory McIroy, winning 3.5 VFS Credits.
Picks to win the FedEx Golf Championship
Current Standings
ContestantCurrent ScorePicks Remaining
Mike N200
FedEx Golf Championship
Pick (Original Points)Predictor(s)Current Score
Tony FinauJamie, Karen, Karen, Lee, Lee, Lynn, Lynn, Mike H, Mike N, SteveN, Tony0
Adam ScottDoc, Joleene, Lynn, Mike N, Mike N, Sandy, Sandy, Tony, Tony0
Bryson DeChambeauDoc, Jamie, Lee, Lee, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy, Tony, Tony0
Jordan SpiethJoleene, Joleene, KC, Lynn, Mike H, Mike H, SteveN, Tony, Tony0
Xander SchauffeleDoc, Karen, KC, Lee, Lee, Lee, Mike N, Mike N0
Brooks KoepkaJamie, Jamie, KC, KC, KC, Mike H, Mike N0
Francesco MolinariJamie, Karen, Lee, Lee, Lynn, Mike N, Mike N0
Dustin JohnsonDoc, Doc, Lynn, Sandy, Sandy, Tony0
Hideki MatsuyamaJamie, Jamie, SteveN, Tony, Tony0
Jason DayJoleene, Joleene, Karen, Sandy, Tony0
Justin RoseDoc, Joleene, Joleene, Mike N, Tony0
Matt KucharJoleene, Joleene, Lee, Sandy, Tony0
Bubba WatsonLee, Mike H, Susie, Tony0
Ian PoulterLynn, Mike H, Mike N, Mike N0
Kevin NaDoc, Lee, SteveN, Tony0
Phil MickelsonJamie, Mike H, Mike N, Sandy0
Rickie FowlerJanine, Lee, Mike H, Sandy0
Rory McIlroyJamie, Janine, Joleene, Susie50
Yoshinori FujimotoDoc, Lee, Mike H, Tony0
Alex BeachMike H, SteveN, Susie0
Andrew FilbertMike H, SteveN, Tony0
Ben CookDoc, Mike H, SteveN0
Brandon WuLee, Lynn, Tony0
Brendon ToddKaren, Lynn, Tony0
Brian MackeyDoc, Mike H, SteveN0
Gunn CharoenkulLee, Mike H, Tony0
Jake McLeodJanine, Mike H, Sandy0
Jon RahmKaren, SteveN, Tony0
Justin ThomasKC, Lee, Tony20
Kevin KisnerDoc, Jamie, Janine0
Louis OosthuizenDoc, Lynn, Mike N0
Martin KaymerKaren, Sandy, Sandy0
Matthew BaldwinLee, Mike H, Sandy0
Patrick ReedDoc, Mike N, Mike N10
Tiger WoodsDoc, Mike H, Mike H0
Tommy FleetwoodDoc, Karen, Susie0
Zac BlairLee, Sandy, Tony0
Carlos OrtizKaren, Lynn0
Chesson HadleyJamie, Sandy0
Chun An YuKaren, Lynn0
Clement SordetKaren, Lynn0
Cody GribbleDoc, Sandy0
Connor ArendellDoc, Sandy0
Devon BlingKaren, Lynn0
Dimitrios PapadatosMike H, Tony0
Dong-Kyu JangDoc, Tony0
Doyeob MunMike H, Tony0
Garrick PorteousLee, Mike H0
Gary WoodlandKC, Sandy0
Graeme McDowellLee, Lynn0
Henrik StensonLee, Tony0
Jason DufnerDoc, Karen0
John DalyMike H, SteveN0
John O'LearyDoc, Susie0
Kodai IchiharaDoc, Tony0
Kyle StanleyDoc, Doc0
Martin TrainerMike H, SteveN0
Miguel Angel JimenezLee, Mike H0
Patrick CantlayJoleene, Karen0
Paul LawrieLynn, Sandy0
Rafael Cabrera-BelloKC, Lynn0
Ryan MooreSandy, SteveN0
Stuart DeaneSusie, Tony0
Yuki InamoriDoc, Tony0
Zach JohnsonKC, Susie0
Adam HadwinSandy0
Alexander BjorkMike H0
Andreas HalvorsenLynn0
Austin ConnellyLee0
Beau HosslerMike N0
Bernd WiesbergerLynn0
Billy HorschelKC0
Billy Hurley IiiDoc0
Brian GayKaren0
Cameron SmithSandy0
Casey RussellSusie0
Chan KimTony0
Charley HoffmanLee0
Charlie DanielsonDoc0
Chris WoodJamie0
Craig BowdenTony0
Craig HocknullTony0
Daniel BergerSandy0
Daniel HillierSandy0
Danny WillettMike N0
Darren ClarkeTony0
David DuvalLynn0
David LipskyJanine0
Eddie PepperellLynn0
Emiliano GrilloSandy0
Ernie ElsLynn0
Hayden ShiehDoc0
Inn Choon HwangDoc0
Isidro BenitezDoc0
J.B. HolmesSandy0
Jack SeniorMike H0
Jim FurykMike H0
Joseph BramlettKaren0
Justin BertschSusie0
Kevin O'ConnellDoc0
Lee WestwoodLynn0
Luke DonaldMike N0
Mike WeirTony0
Mikumu HorikawaDoc0
Nick HardyLee0
Paul CaseyDoc0
Rich Berberian Jr.Doc0
Rod PerrySusie0
Ryan SullivanSandy0
Ryan VermeerTony0
Sang-Hyun ParkDoc0
Si Woo KimLee0
Steve StrickerMike N0
Stewart CinkMike N0
Takumi KanayaLynn0
Tom ThurlowaySandy0
Tyrrell HattonMike N0
Vijay SinghJoleene0
Webb SimpsonKC0
Y.E. YangDoc0
Yosuke AsajiDoc0

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