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Predict the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate.

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Entry Fee: FREE
Entry Deadline: Midnight, Thursday, June 4, 2020 OR 72 hours before an announcement is made. If an announcement is made on or before 6/5/2020, I will throw out any entries made 72 hours prior to the announcement. After this time, the entry form will not allow entries. So Get your picks in early!
Overview: Below is the list of favorites to be the 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate. Each candidate has a point value next to their name (based on the most recent betting odds). Select the candidates who you think will win the nomination - keeping in mind that the fewer total points you use, the better your odds are of winning. See below for more details. To view a brief overview of the favorites, Click Here

How to Win:

If one or more contestants picks the Democratic candidate, the winner will be whichever person picked both candidates AND spent the fewest total points.
If no contestant pick the candidate, no payout will be made.
You can select up to 10 candidates, however, the more total points you use, the lower your odds of winning.
The Payout: VFS will contribute a VFS Credit for each pool entry (up to 15 credits). 1st Place will get 50% of the pot - 2nd place will get 33% of the pot and 3rd place will get 17%.
Picks to win the Predict the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate
Predict the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate
Pick (Original Points)Predictor(s)Current Score
Kamela Harris (100)DanD, Jim B, Karen, Kathy, Tony0
Amy Klobuchar (60)Doc, Susie0
Elizabeth Warren (49)Mike N0
Gretchen Whitmer (33)Jamie, Mike H0
Michelle Obama (30) - 0
Stacey Abrams (22)Jamie, Mike H, Mike N, Roger, Susie0
Catherine Cortez Masto (16)Mike H, Susie0
Hillary Clinton (15)Doc0
Tammy Baldwin (13)Mike H0
Val Demings (10)Jamie0
Tammy Duckworth (10)Mike H, Mike N0
Val Demings (10)Mike N0
Susan Rice (8)Jamie0
Marcia Fudge (6) - 0
Mitt Romney (5) - 0
Michelle Lujan Grisham (5) - 0
Ayanna Pressley (5) - 0
Michelle Lujan Grishman (4)Mike H0
Barack Obama (4) - 0
Keisha Lance Bottoms (3) - 0
Andrew Yang (2)Doc0
Pete Buttigieg (2)Doc0
Mike Bloomberg (2)Mike H0
Tulsi Gabbard (2)Mike N0
Nancy Pelosi (2)Mike N0
Barbara Lee (2)Mike N0
Maggie Hassan (2)Susie0
Steve Bullock (2) - 0
Nina Turner (2) - 0
Joe Biden (2) - 0
Doug Jones (2) - 0
Cory Booker (2) - 0
James Mattis (2) - 0
Bob Iger (2) - 0
Joe Manchin (2) - 0
Michael Bloomberg (2) - 0
Terri Sewell (2) - 0
Jay Inslee (2) - 0
Michael Bennett (2) - 0
John Hickenlooper (2) - 0
Terry McAuliffe (2) - 0
Corey Booker (2) - 0
Sherrod Brown (2) - 0
Ilhan Omar (2) - 0
Tom Steyer (2) - 0
Bill De Blasio (2) - 0
Hunter Biden (2) - 0
Oprah Winfrey (2) - 0
Gavin Newsom (2) - 0
Tim Kaine (2) - 0
Deval Patrick (2) - 0
Laura Kelly (2) - 0
Chris Coons (2) - 0
James Clyburn (2) - 0
Andrew Cuomo (2) - 0
Andrew Gillum (2) - 0
Bob Casey (2) - 0
Kirsten Gillibrand (2) - 0
Julian Castro (2) - 0
Bernie Sanders (2) - 0
Bob Casey Jr (2) - 0
Gina Raimondo (1)Mike N0
Cynthia Nixon (1)Mike N0
Sally Yates (1)Mike N0
Janet Napolitano (1) - 0
Chelsea Clinton (1) - 0
Jeanne Shaheen (1) - 0
Marianne Williamson (1) - 0
Linda Sarsour (0)Doc0
Beto O Rourke (0)Doc0
Meghan Mccain (0)Doc0
Jennifer Granholm (0)Doc0
Caitlyn Jenner (0)Doc0
Meghan Mccain (0)Mike H0
Jennifer Granholm (0)Mike H0
Caitlyn Jenner (0)Mike H0
Linda Sarsour (0)Roger0
Beto O Rourke (0)Roger0
Meghan Mccain (0)Roger0
Jennifer Granholm (0)Roger0
Caitlyn Jenner (0)Roger0
Linda Sarsour (0)Tony0
Beto O Rourke (0)Tony0
Meghan Mccain (0)Tony0
Jennifer Granholm (0)Tony0
Caitlyn Jenner (0)Tony0

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