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College Bowl Bonanza!

Entry Fee: FREE
Entry Deadline: Friday, December 27, 2019 5:00:00 PM. After this time, the entry form will not allow entries.
Overview:  Its time to find out who knows the most about College Football and maybe pick up some extra holiday credits. Below is the list the major bowls this season. Imagine you are in a Nevada sports book. This pool gives you a fictional $100 to spread over at least 4 of the bowls listed below, up to as many as you want. However, you cannot bet more than your fictional $100, and you cannot have more than 25 fictional dollars on one game.

This is Las Vegas Style 'spread' betting - you are picking against the spread, and so the team listed as the favorite must win by more than the number of points listed as the favorite. Any points allocated to teams that tie the betting line will be a push, resulting in getting your points back. Also, all winning bets only return 90% of points bet, to better simulate how Las Vegas pays out.

To View a good overview of all the bowls, Click Here
The Payout: VFS will contribute $1 VFS Credit from our advertising fund for each pool entry. The pot will be allocated Parimutuel style amongst all the players who beat the odds and make more than 100 fictional dollars. Essentially all winnings over 100 will be considered shares, and the pot will be split by how many shares are outstanding. So the more you win over 100, the more shares of the pot you have.

New Bonus: A consolation bonus of 5 VFS Credits will be given to any participant who earns less that 10 points for correct picks. So if you think you know nothing about College Football, you should have a shot at this prize.

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