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The 2019 Investment Contest

The VFS Daily Investment contest is a free contest allowing members to put together a portfolio of stocks to try to beat the stock Market. This contest is open to all VFS Daily website - If interested in joining the contest Click Here.

If you dont have an account with us Contact the site administrator.
Investment Contest Standings
As of 10/18/2019 7:03 PM
PortfolioMTD ReturnYTD Return
Karen7.66 %63.24 %
Ellen3.93 %17.79 %
Lee3.79 %-8.28 %
Kathy3.70 %30.17 %
Matt2.65 %-15.55 %
Jim L2.09 %37.27 %
Susie1.57 %23.77 %
Joleene1.55 %23.14 %
DaveB1.51 %45.62 %
Janet1.47 %2.95 %
Ron1.08 %30.85 %
DanD0.82 %13.23 %
Doc0.79 %29.29 %
Lynn0.57 %34.36 %
S&P 5000.40 %19.23 %
Jamie-0.18 %22.62 %
Tony-0.81 %-4.36 %
Mike N-1.16 %17.53 %
Jim B-1.48 %3.91 %
Sarah-2.21 %25.18 %
Greg W-4.19 %18.32 %
Mike H-8.47 %-22.78 %
Bold YTD Return indicates portfolio eligible for end of year prize.
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PortfolioMTD ReturnYTD Return
{{portfolio.PortfolioName}} {{portfolio.CurrentMonthReturn * 100 | number:2}}% {{portfolio.TotalYtdReturn * 100 | number:2}}% --

To view more past performance history, go to Puget Investor

3 Year Total Return

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Top 10 Portfolios by Cumulative 3 Year Return

Portfolio3 Year Return
{{$index + 1}}. {{portfolio.ScreenName}} {{portfolio.ThreeYearReturn * 100 | number:2}}%
Return for {{ThreeYearlist.BenchmarkName}} through {{ThreeYearlist.MonthEnd | date:'MMMM yyyy'}}:  {{ThreeYearlist.BenchmarkResult * 100 | number:2}}%
Congratulations Jamie on winning the 2018 Investment contest.

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